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About St Albans DJ Hire

St Albans Mobile Disco Hire is a Hertfordshire award winning DJ company formed in 2013, I’m Chris, I have provided my Mobile Disco and Wedding DJ services for over 20 years. Even though I work as a martial arts coach full-time for 30 years, my true passion has always been to be a Party DJ.

After many years of doing parties, I finally decided to launch my own DJ company in 2013. Since then, I have worked with and covered events of all kinds, including 5 Star hotels bringing the party to the crowd. I have covered large- and small-scale events and can adjust my services to ensure a hassle-free experience.

Many Years as a Party DJ

My years of working as a martial arts coach have been the success behind my work ethic. I believe in professionalism, so I comply with uniforms to keep my image and yours professional. I can guarantee that I am said to be a reputable DJ / Wedding DJ in St Albans & Hertfordshire. So, call now, or submit an inquiry to book your event today! 

About my Mobile Disco service

 St Albans DJ

Have you ever watched a movie and gotten so invested in it that you felt every emotion? The highs of when the lead finally unites with the love of their life. Or maybe when the bride is walking down the aisle?

That is the work of a true artist. And you can achieve the same effect- in real life- by hiring my company. St Albans Mobile DJ has made many amazing nights through music.

The common assumption is that music is only essential for parties. However, it is an ideal prop for setting the mood in any event. It is what breathes emotions into the event and creates the party’s life!

Why Choose my disco company?

If you are looking for a DJ in Hertfordshire, St Albans DJ is your top choice in my view! With 20 years of Mobile Disco experience, I can provide you with the party atmosphere you will love. In addition, I work with my clients to ensure that I can provide them with tailored DJ  services to fulfill their requirements.

Whether it is an 70’s 80’s 90’s themed party you are looking for, dinner music that creates a peaceful environment. My mobile disco service can deliver. St Albans DJ comes as standard with a high-quality sound system, exciting intelligent state of the art lighting effects, that will bounce your dance floor, and mood lighting on your wedding. In addition, I can personalize my services to your specific occasion.

I understand that choosing the right mobile disco can make or break your party. Hence, why I use only top-quality equipment and offer professional DJ services; with my wide variety of music, I can entertain any crowd and make it a memorable night for your guests.
Moreover, I offer great packages that are competitive and easy to book. My mobile DJ services are always secured with contracts and all equipment is fully PAT tested.

So, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that your entertainment is in the best of hands. With free backup on all my DJ equipment, including CDs and laptops, I can guarantee that there will be no stopping the party.

I take pride in my profession, and my passion drives me to provide the best possible event because I love what I do.


Wedding DJ

 Wedding DJ Hire St Albans - Best Mobile Wedding DJ Services

Perhaps the most significant event of your life is your wedding. It is a day of happiness, joy, and new beginnings; hence, it is essential to have the right Wedding DJ. Music is a hugely crucial part of the day. Your Wedding DJ is in charge of playing your entrance music at the right time, playing your perfect first dance song, and creating a happy environment.

The success of your event depends on the entertainment, which is why my Mobile DJ service is the ideal choice for  your wedding function.
I am the appropriate, experienced, professional Wedding DJ ready to provide a service and entertainment for the entire wedding experience, from the engagement party to the wedding reception.

Weddings can be a very stressful time for anybody. However, organizing the engagement party or wedding reception can consume half of your time. Therefore, it is critical to have an experienced, professional Wedding DJ, and devoted DJ for your event, which I can ensure.

Along with my regular DJ services, I additionally provide on all weddings, silks for booths and speaker stands to keep them in line with the décor. I also offer free mood lighting, moving heads, and wedding graphic lights to create the mood on the dance floor. I also cater to any personalized requirements where possible that the couple may have. Your wedding is the highlight of your life. Get the best Wedding DJ services with experience in the area.


Your DJ questions answered:

Places we do not serve

Places not served

  1. Any venue with stairs without a lift
  2. Any venue where parking is not close to the venue

Banned Venues by us

  1. Edan House – Hatfield
  2. Bricketwood Social Club (If lift is not working)
Your Questions
  • Are you insured? Yes, we are part of AMPdj and hold public liability insurance with them.
  • Are you PAT tested? Yes, we have this done every year.
  • Are you reliable? Yes, 100% – we only take on jobs that we want to do.
  • Is your music legal? Yes, we buy music with PPL (Public Performance License) attached.
  • Do you stream music? No, as this is not a legal practice.
  • Can I provide music if you don’t have it? Yes you can, as long as its WAV, MP3 or CD’s.
  • Do you talk on the mic a lot? No, a DJ’s job is to work the floor only.
  • Do you do kids parties? No, as of 2022, we do not service kids parties.
  • Do you need a table for equipment? No, we bring a portable booth at all jobs.
  • Does the package include set up? We play for the 4.5 hours or 6 hours – set up is free.
  • Does the package include lights? Yes, we only provide professional grade lighting.
  • What media do you use? We use WAVS, high grade MP3 and CD’s.
  • What is your back up? We bring CDJ’s and a spare mixer. We can get speakers sent by taxi if needed.
  • What if I don’t pay 48 hours before my event? We will remind you – if you ignore our email / text, we will cancel by email.
  • Do you offer refunds? Not on deposits – on packages, only if the country is shut down. 
  • Am I charged for the set up and travel? No, this is free. We only serve Hertfordshire.
  • What is your address? It is on our contracts and insurance documentation.
  • How does it work? Fill in the provisional, sign the contract, pay the deposit to secure the job and pay the remaining amount 48 hours before your event.
  • How do I know you will turn up? We are a contract based company, giving you legal rights.
  • Will you play my music list? Yes, you can request up to 30 tracks only and tell us your preferred genres.
  • Will you take request on the night? Yes but can not guarantee we will have all tracks
  • Do you mix or just blend music? No, if you want a DJ that mixes, you need a club DJ. We are a event DJ only, filling floors.
  • Do I get a guarantee you will get people dancing? This is an impossible request, as your friends will have varied tastes.
  • Will I get a refund if no one dances? This has never happened, but we cannot offer such a guarantee as every party is different.
  • How do you deal with aggressive drunk guess? We will call the the client to deescalate the situation.
  • How do you deal with fights on the dance floor? We turn off the music and call the venue security.
  • Can you make announcements on the night? Yes, just ask. 
  • Can my friend DJ on your equipment for a set time? No, you will need to hire equipment from a company for this.
  • Do you keep the sound levels safe? Yes, we check decibels regularly. We tend to go big with sound, rather than loud.
  • Do I have to leave a review at the end? No, all our reviews are from valued clients that loved our ethos.
  • 5 star review  Great dj! Had everyone on the dance floor enjoying life.. thank you very much

    Haydn Michael Runnacles Avatar Haydn Michael Runnacles
    21st May 2022
  • 5 star review  A big thank you to Chris from St Albans DJ. We had issues with our music as our speakers didn’t work, then contacted Chris a week before the event & luckily a spot became available. He provided music for all age groups that attended and his set up lovely too! Having a DJ rather than plugging in a speaker really made a difference. Everyone really enjoyed themselves. Highly recommend! Thanks again Chris.

    Rosina Basile Avatar Rosina Basile
    15th May 2022
  • 5 star review  St Albans DJ did my 18th & 21st birthday parties and he accommodated to everyone and he was so friendly, the tunes were flowing and everyone was dancing and singing 👏😍 I would 100% recommend St Albans DJ! Thankyou 😘. Xx

    Rhiannon Snow Avatar Rhiannon Snow
    10th January 2022
  • 5 star review  Highly recommended, very professional, Chris did really well, music was great,everyone had a great time and had a good evening full of great music dancing non stop. Thank you again xx

    Bhel Dela Cruz Avatar Bhel Dela Cruz
    5th December 2021
  • 5 star review  highly recommend chris, he did a very good job at my mums 50th, he played abit for everyone which was what I wanted, and the set up very good, at such a good price aswell, did a great job thankyou!

    Amy Bailiss Avatar Amy Bailiss
    28th September 2019
  • 5 star review  Chris was so professional from the first contact I had with him, through the booking process to providing the most amazing job of entertaining our guests on NYE. 100% recommend.

    Debra Baxter Avatar Debra Baxter
    10th January 2019
  • 5 star review  Chris was our DJ on the 10th December, what a fantastic night had by all! Very Professional, catered for all ages! Would definitely recommend and use again! Thanks Chris! 🎉🎉

    Angela Hampson Avatar Angela Hampson
    4th January 2019
  • 5 star review  Chris was the dj for my wedding and he was brilliant, he was able to get everyone to the dancefloor and we had such a great fun!

    Annalisa Monti Avatar Annalisa Monti
    29th October 2018
  • 5 star review  Fantastic. Chris did afab job especially as he had a hard act like an Elvis Impersonator to follow. Our dance floor was full all night. Chris was even happy to stay an extra hour over our agreed time. Honestly can’t go wrong if you book stalbansdj. Thank you 😊

    Donna Gudgeon Avatar Donna Gudgeon
    10th September 2018
  • 5 star review  Amazing DJ highly recommended. Loads of our guests commented on how good the music was!

    Gregory Moulton Avatar Gregory Moulton
    28th August 2018

Parties Now £200

  1. Uniformed DJ
  2. Upto four & a half hours play time
  3. FREE set up and travel
  4. 1 X Chauvet gig bar
  5. 1 X Equinox return bar
  6. 1 X Stinger / 1 X Circus
  7. 1 X Sparkle DJ booth
  8. 2 X 1100 watt speakers & stand
  9. 1 X club controller
  10. 1 X CDJ CD player
  11. 1 X cordless mic

Weddings Now £325

  1. Uniformed DJ
  2. Upto 6 hours play time
  3. FREE set up and travel
  4. 1 X Chauvet gig bar
  5. 1 X Equinox return bar
  6. 1 X cordless mic
  7. FREE Mood lighting set
  8. 2 X Moving heads
  9. 1 X White silk cloths / sprinkle DJ booth
  10. 2 X 1100 watt speakers & Bass Bin
  11. 1 X Champaign Graphic Light
  12. 1 X club controller
  13. 2 X CDJ CD player

Text Me: 07960 476124

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