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Hi, I am Chris, owner of St. Albans Mobile Discos. Are you looking for a DJ? If the answer is yes, before you go any further, read this bit of useful information that I have compiled to stop you making big mistakes when looking for a DJ.

So you are looking for a DJ and a friend says "I can do it cheaper". We are all looking for a bargain, but are you prepared to hire a friend for 50% of what a professional charges and take such a high risk? Let's look at why professional DJs should be used.....

  1. The friend fails to turn up - professional DJ's are members of NADJ or SEDA, meaning all bookings are guranteed
  2. The friend turns up and the equipment fails (the night is ruined) - professional DJ's have back up systems in place
  3. The party is raided and your friend is using illegal music - professional DJ's only use legal and licenced music  
  4. The friends equipment catches fire - professional DJs have insurance and PAT test and follow strict safety practices
  5. The friend puts lasers on and a guest has a seizure - professional DJ's always follow strict safety practices
  6. The friend is dressed in jeans and a t-shirt - professional DJ's are dressed in uniform or suit and tie
  7. The friends sound is loud and guests are leaving early - professionals DJs know what sound levels are safe

So, before you look at the price of a DJ, ask yourself if you're really willing to save a few pounds and risk your night. Professional DJ's will be there with you from start to finish. They will offer a contract that can gurantee peace of mind and will be legally binding. 

Why not give me a call, as my company is professional and we take pride in giving our customer 110% everytime. If I can take on your night, I will - if I can't, I will pass you onto other like minded professionals that will do the job right too.

Specials (discounted dates - book today and save £25). Please note, discounts only apply to new bookings made after 22/08/15 and cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.
 Oct: 2nd, 23rd, 24th, 30th and 31st    Nov: 6th, 7th, 13th and 14th (December fully booked)

Questions often asked:

  1. Do you hire you'r systems out? Sorry we do not hire out our equipment due to insurance issues.
  2. Can you set up early and come back? it is company policy never to do this due to insurance, we set up and will start.
  3. Will you play a pre set play list from me? we can do a few but will do a full list as often clients get it wrong.

Packages Explained: (I offer full back up systems on all gigs) Book 2016 events now 

Kids Party - £130

DJ & Full Disco Package

2 Led Lights

2 Scanners 

Basic DJ booth and Star Cloth

Quality Sound System and Decks

3 hours hire (between 9am and 5pm)


Evening Party - £200 

DJ & Full Disco Package

5 Led Lights

2 Scanners

Quality DJ booth and Lighting Effects (luxury booth & lasers can be added for an extra £25)

Premium Sound System and Decks

Up to 4.5 consecutive hours hire between 7pm and 12 midnight (extra hours can be booked)


Wedding Party Package - £325 

DJ & Full Disco Package in white silks

7 Mood Lights (FREE on all weddings)

2 Moving Heads

2 Leds

2 Scanners 

1 Quality Laser

Luxury DJ Booth dressed in white silks

Premium Sound System 

Up to 6 consecutive hours hire between 9am and 12 midnight (extra hours can be booked)

Any extra hours (or part hours) needed are charged at £50 per hour.

All my sound systems are high quality, either EV or Yamaha speakers, which are of the highest standard offering optimum sound every time. I will also add a bass bin to your set if the venue needs it. As you can see, I don't hide my prices, which is why many clients say I should be first choice when booking a show. I offer late deals and these will be shown on the top of all packages. If you want to see what others think about our service, open up Facebook, leave it logged in and open this site again - you will see 'likes' and live reviews here left by clients. If you'd like to see if I can assist you with your show, please contact me. Please be aware that I do not do meetings - I also do not give quotes, as all prices are shown on this site.

Thanks for looking


Please NOTE: Calling our landline we have call guardian in place to stop cold callers. 

​CALL 07960 476124 OR 01727 827624 


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